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Sapphire Coast Firewood, Queanbeyan ACT and South Pambula

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Delivery in 6x4 Trailer Load or B Double Trailer Load firewood sales pambula

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  • Mulch available from 6x4 trailer load to B Double trailer load
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Certified Public Weighbridge

  • B Double Rated Weighbridge South Pambula
  • Certified Weigh Bridge
B Double rated weigh bridge

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  • Mixed firewood bulk sales
  • Firewood processing
    1. Firewood gets cut and chopped by a Multitek Firewood Saw 3040XP/2040XP or Rex firewood processors.
    2. Then it gets cleaned going through a trundle.
    3. Finally stored on concrete base to keep clean.
Buld fire wood transport and storage
Firewood for pizza stoves - heavy fires - hot burning fires
Bluegum and Ironbark firewood
Bluegum & Ironbark
Yellow Box heavy wood
Yellow Box heavy wood
Cypress pine firewood
Cypress Pine
stove wood, Stovewood,  Pizza WoodStovewood
Pizza Wood
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Mixed Firewood
Kindling in 15 kg bags
Cypress Pine Kindling wood